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What Sets Us Apart...


Personalized services from our garment care team!

  • Clear Solutions: Our fresh & clear cleaning solutions are continuously filtered and distilled for purity to guard against dingy colors or sour smells.
  • Professional Stain Removal: We perform extensive stain removal & delicate drycleaning, hand washing & wet cleaning techniques to make your garments look like new.
  • Meticulous Garment Finishing: We demand the highest of standards from our experienced pressers including hand finishing craftsmanship on specialty garments.
  • Quality Inspection & Packaging: We check buttons and fancy trimmings, then cover or remove them as needed before cleaning. We replace missing or broken buttons and check for needed repairs before packaging each garment individually.
  • Designer Apparel Specialists: The high percentage of designer apparel we receive from our retail customers and the many garments we clean for Honolulu’s finest retailers have given us extensive and unmatched experience with fine garments.