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Having experienced the disappointment that comes from garments being returned with buttons missing and “sorry” stickers throughout their order, many people consider going to the dry cleaner an unpleasant chore. The joy of having someone else do your cleaning has been replaced by frustration and unsuccessful attempts to do stain removal at home.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Quality garment cleaning and customer service does exist—and thanks to the Clothing Care Council’s Award of Excellence (AOE), it’s much easier to find.

When you see the gold star and Award of Excellence decal and customer service pledge poster at your cleaners, you can be assured your trip to the dry cleaner will be a pleasant one. AOE cleaners have passed a rigorous set of cleaning evaluations and demonstrated a level of quality far surpassing the average dry cleaner.

Each AOE cleaner is required to be a member of a drycleaning association offering education and training, research, and technical support. They must also perform a Cleaning Performance Test (CPT) annually, demonstrate their ability to remove common stains from a silk swatch, and post the Award of Excellence Customer Service Principles poster for customers to see—and that’s just for starters. AOE cleaners also demonstrate their professionalism in a variety of different ways including taking classes, using secret shoppers, and having their plant evaluated by an association of cleaners such as the International Fabricare Institute.

That’s one reason why you’ll find a money-back guarantee as part of every Award of Excellence cleaner’s pledge to you, the customer. Here’s another: we believe the difference in quality is one you’ll notice right away.

Your clothes are an important investment. They deserve a cleaner with a proven commitment to superior cleaning and customer care. Take them to an Award of Excellence cleaner.


Now, don’t you feel 100% confident as a customer of Marie Louise Cleaners that your clothes are in the very best of hands? No other dry cleaner in your area has reached the standards set to achieve such an honor.